Thursday, January 09, 2014

quick response

last week one of my neighbors smelled a propane leak, so she called our gas provider.

they said they were too busy to come out.

interestingly, when the fire department calls them out, they suddenly have guys available to come out right away.

RIGHT away.

i can understand it if you call your florist and they're too busy to respond right away to your floral arrangement emergency, but gas leak can equal explosion. and explosion equals homelessness and possibly death. i don't care what your office schedule looks like. you are not too busy to come.


cookie said...

So the proper sequence of events is: propane explodes, THEN call the fire department, for they will come immediately. *sigh*

Zhoen said...

Or, just call the fire department. Then they can call the utilities.

flask said...

it'd be really swell if the gas company thought it was important enough to show up before the driveway was all full of firetrucks.

see, as soon as you call in that gas leak, the fire department comes right away, even if they're busy.

then THEY call the gas company, who turn out to have guys available after all.

all afternoon, too.


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