Thursday, January 23, 2014

peanut butter

it's cold here today.

like, sixteen below zero fahrenheit in full sunshine cold.

and i noticed that the little chickadees outside are trying very hard to eat enough calories to keep them alive. a chickadee needs to eat roughly a third of its tiny little body weight to run their metabolism and not freeze to death.

it helps them if they can get foods high in fats.

and because it is So cold and expected to stay cold for a number of days, i took a big glob of peanut butter and wiped it on some tree branches outside my window.

then i licked the spoon.

i can tell you that while spruce itself is not a bad flavor, spruce with peanut butter, while interesting, is not delicious.

yep. totally not delicious.

1 comment:

Friko said...

Let’s hope the chickadees are of a different opinion.


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