Monday, January 13, 2014

jonesville by water

yesterday morning i got up and got dressed to go out to play. i got to the bottom of stage road and route two at downtown jonesville was closed.

really, really closed. as in water in the road half way to richmond. i talked to the road crew guy and he said the ice jam stretched a couple of miles each way from the bridge. the water was going down already by eight or so this morning, but there was more warming on the way even if it wasn't still raining.

with an ice jam, one hopes the water makes its way through kind of gradually or spills out into nearby fields. there is always the worry that the jam will release suddenly and pour all that backed up water into the downstream towns.

this isn't an idle concern. it's been over two years since the flooding from irene blew through downtown richmond, but the neighborhoods down by the river still aren't all rebuilt.

when i came down out of huntington around noon  i saw at the bottom of the hill what appeared to be a huge lake. if you didn't know the area, you could be forgiven for not realizing it was a cornfield. richmond was still ok, but i noticed the people by the bridge had moved their chicken tractor to higher ground and route two was still closed into jonesville.

for a while cochran road was closed too and i didn't see so much of that, but i think they took some damage out there. i did see a little of the road as far as the staties were set up, and there were huge chunks of ice right across it where the water had left them.

not pretty.

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