Monday, January 20, 2014

televised sports

yesterday afternoon i was installed on my sofa, glued to televised sports.

what, you might ask, would i be watching? if you have been paying attention to my story at all you know how i abhor football, and it it's early in the season for me to care about college hoop.

but you put international curling on television and i am ALL over that.

so i'm there watching every shot.

OH! BABY, BABY! i shout, loud enough for them to hear me in jericho.

but seriously? what's this format of north america against the rest of the world? is this some ploy to get more US viewers for curling? team up with canada and hope american fans will care?

because curling is kind of a canadian thing. canadians are good at it. it could just be canada kicking everyone's butt, but i guess they want to try to draw US television.

which is why they're holding it in las vegas, that famous powerhouse of curling fandom.

either way, i get to watch curling.

what is there not to love about curling?

and i WANT a pair of those shoes.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

when I was a kid i used to watch curling on canadian tv all the time. Most of our channels were from Canada. I never understood it but I enjoyed watching it. Too funny flask.

Zhoen said...

I liked the old feathery brooms over the newer push brooms, though. Much more fun to watch.


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