Tuesday, January 21, 2014

vermont plate FPC 702

so this is how he drives: he sits there in the lane until the car ahead of him is very far ahead of him, and then he moves up very fast right to its bumper and then he sits there without moving until it pulls forward again maybe fifteen car lengths.

meanwhile, in my lane, were'a ll just moving along at one slow uniform speed.

why does this  hatwipe drive like that? because he's too busy texting or whatever he's doing on his smartphone to be bothered to look up.

he NEEDS to drive this way so that he has maximum texting time because he is far too important not to be on his phone. he is far too important to be actually following the law.

here's a funny thing: when he saw me taking pictures, he stopped doing it quite so obviously. the thing about a camera is that you can whip it out and point it and press the shutter button without bothering to look. you can't guarantee the quality of your pictures, but some of them come out ok.

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cookie said...

People using their phones in any way while driving make me very, very fearful of the day my son drives (hes 14 1/2 now)...


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