Friday, January 31, 2014

what are you doing to help the democrats in 2014?

i have been saving my emails from the democratic campaign committee so i can make snarky commentary later, but i wanted to say this now:

who picks the images they use? a republican strategist? because every image they send me of the president (along with text encouraging me to stand behind him) make him look like the personification of evil.

i don't know, maybe that's what they were going for.

and that's another thing: i don't particularly support the president. i think he's an ineffective dispstick caught in a web of blackmail and graft. he's a smarmy tool of big business masquerading as a champion of the people.

i took the survey the democrats sent me this week.

which of the president's initiatives do you think are most important?

what? is there a choice for "none; i believe that no matter what "changes" you guys make you'll manage to take the costs out of the poor and middle class and the obscenely wealthy won't lose a dime"?

they asked which of the presidents issues were important to me. i said "none. stop mass surveillance. no TPP. reverse citizens united."

and they asked me what i'll be doing to help the democrats win in 2014. this is what i  said:

democrats are only republican lite. you are all filthy corrupt warmongering liars and crooks.

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