Saturday, January 25, 2014

i miss my glasses

i'm sure you are all dying to know how contacts are working out for me.

outside, which is why i got them in the first place, they are awesome. driving is awesome and more importantly, schlepping through the woods and sticking my head into scratchy places is awesome.

i can wear a face mask to keep the frostbite off my face AND see. i haven't been able to do that since i was twelve.

indoors they suck.

this is because for the last decade or so i have been a bifocal wearer. my contacts (corrected for distance) make everything out THERE nice and clear, but anything closer than just outside the reach of my arms is terribly out of focus. so for cooking, shoe-tying, and pretty much anything that requires me to see what i'm doing but is closer than five feet, i need readers.

and readers are really geared toward READING and not your kitchen work surface or your laundry.

and granted, having good focus while doing laundry is maybe not a critical value, but with my glasses (which are/were a progressive lens bifocal), i could see everything without having to wear a pair of reading glasses around my neck everywhere i go or dangle them from the end of my nose and look through them sometimes. basically contact wearing in the house is contact wearing with a pair of cheap readers that do not come close to achieving the same effect as my glasses, which were only one thing to worry about and my vision was good.

so i am really looking forward to my new glasses being ready in a week or so.

meanhwhile, since i have to wear contacts every day during the trial period, today i am experimenting with monovision; my left eye is corrected for distance and my right for close up which is almost as good as bifocals and it will have the benefit of being suitable for outdoor use.


Zhoen said...

I hadn't thought of that. Just made an appointment to get my progressives adjusted to changing eyes. Or, shall I say, aging. The whole issue of vision is maddening.

cookie said...

People's faces are clearly focused (at typical American conversational distance), and book pages are clearly focused, but my computer screen is fuzzed up.

I think I need trifocals.

Do you experience eye dryness indoors with your contacts? "Restane"(or a generic) is great stuff.

<3 cookie


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