Sunday, January 05, 2014

thanks for your support

nearly every day the democratic congressional campaign committee sends me emails trying to whip me up in their frenzy of beating and humiliating john boehner, because for them i guess, politics isn't about governanace. it's about beating people in expensive contests.

yesterday i got TWO emails from them thanking me for my support this past year, without which they wouldn't have been able to have the stunning successes they did.


stunning successes? were they watching a different washington than i was? because from where i'm sitting, they best they could claim was a few modest not-total-failures, but then again they are thanking me for my support, which apparently was important.

it's important that i renew my membership. you know, to make boehner pay.

let's start here:

Thanks to your support this year, we’ve already started our offensive against anti-Obamacare Republicans. Right now in 44 districts we are making sure that Republicans are forced to answer for the people they would hurt by repealing reform and putting insurance companies back in charge of your health care.
But in 2014 we need to hit the Tea Party harder than ever before if we want to rip away Boehner’s stranglehold on the House and win a Democratic House.
Will you help us win a Democratic House for President Obama in 2014? Click here to give $3 to renew your membership for 2014 >>
Let’s make sure Boehner and his buddies pay for their repeal obsession, government shutdown disaster and general inability to govern.

renew my membership?


i've never given those hatwipes any money at all and my support has largely been limited to statements that while they are bottom-feeding scum, i am slightly less afraid of them than i am of the republican scum, which is hardly a glowing recommendation.

i notice that neither of those sets of asshats has done anything to end the war, stop torturing people, stop taking the property of citizens in bogus drug raids, imprisoning citizens on false charges, and holding political prisoners.

i notice that both groups of asshats have been happy to reduce unemployment assistance, food stamp assistance, pensions for federal workers and soldiers, but at the same time hand out huge hunks of corporate welfare to corrupt companies that turn around and take all their money to tax havens so they don't have to give any to the government.

i don't have the solutions to all of the problems of governance, but one thing i do know is that if you take all the money from the citizens so they can't afford homes or cars or food, they are not going to be buying your luxury dogfood and diamonds and plastic toys, asshat corporations. if you strip all the value from a country, you can only do that for a limited time before the people have no money to buy your products with no matter how much you aggressively advertise.

the only laws you assholes in washington seem to agree on are the ones that take all the money and resources and give them wholly to your corporate sponsors who then in turn "double irish" it so THEY don't actually have to help the poor people they're creating.

so, joe america. no pension for you. we can't afford to pay you what we owe you because our CEOs need fatter bonuses. we need you to pay more taxes and pay more rent because we need you to not be able to afford a home or a car. we'd really like to make you all unemployed, uninsured, and hungry.

why? because our corporate sponsors are happier that way. they have a lot of money, but they want ALL the money.

and no, we won't be taxing our corporate sponsors. they can't afford to give up even one jet or luxury home. and they need to be able to pay for their private security contractors and private schools, so we won't be taxing them to help pay for police departments and stuff like that.

see, if we simply give ALL the money to our corporate sponsors, they will be able to buy their own security and fire protection and their own hospitals and if the rest of you want roads or hospitals or schools you're just going to have to pay for them with all that money you save from not having a home anymore.

and shame on you! you should KNOW better than to expect your employer to pay you enough money from your full-time job so you can buy groceries! shame on you. if you're so poor, why do you have a phone? or a television? greedy, dishonest poor people. don't you KNOW that if the two jobs you're working don't pay you enough, you have no right to have a television or a computer or a car? those things are only for people who have GOOD jobs. fresh food is only for good people. safe homes are only for smart people. you know, not you.

because you weren't good enough or smart enough to get a job as a CEO of a large corporation that buys up congressmen wholesale.

thanks for your support.

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