Friday, January 17, 2014


why, yes. i am still going on about things that happened at christmas, thank you very much. later on if i get ambitious i will tell you about some things that happened in january 2011.

so anyway, my mom has these friends. let's call them sharon and jane.

they are crazy people. if there is a super involved craft project that will yield something mind-blowingly fabulous, they are all over it.

especially if it involves food items.

this one time they showed up at my mom's house not with a gingerbread house, but with a gingerbread RV. you know, complete with transparent windows made of sugar. i'm not sure it didn't have working headlights.

ok, i exaggerate a little. i do not think it's possible to make edible working headlights.

let's just say that jane and sharon possess the high amounts of imagination, motivation, and skills to pull off some pretty impressive little projects.

this christmas they showed up with little gift bags full of hot chocolate swizzle sticks. basically, these are a chunk of fudge and a chunk of homemade marshmallow mounted on a stick so you can dunk it in your hot milk and when it melts you have some outstanding hot chocolate.

if all of the fudge doesn't happen to dissolve, you get a little bonus at the bottom of your cup because fudge can act just like, well, fudge.

it is delightful.

and for the record (because i am very scientific about it), these also work very nicely in hot coffee. get a medium light coffee half-sweet and have them pour it in a large cup. then you will have room for swizzling.

i'm told that the recipe for these things can be found online. because i do not own a stand mixer, i will not be making homemade marshmallows anytime soon.

but i have a small saucepan. i'm going to go heat up the milk.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I so want this. I don't have a beagle so c'mon over and share a cup with me. :-)

flask said...

you know, people who do not read both your blog and mine only get confused...


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