Friday, January 10, 2014

underwear and mountain bike trails

what underwear and mountain bike trails have in common is that other people's skidmarks frighten me.

i only mention it because i am going to use the word "skidmark" as an epithet for politicians.

chris christie is shocked -shocked! that his top aides caused the four day traffic jam in fort lee to retaliate for the mayor not endorsing him. skidmarks.

congress wants to extend unemployment benefits to the unemployed people their failed policies create, but ONLY if they can scrape money out of somewhere else to pay for it. oh, i don't know...  how about cutting back on that war? skidmarks.

speaking of the war, al-quaeda have retaken fallujah (a place that did not HAVE an al-quaeda presence until we invaded it) and robert gates is all upset that the president isn't firm enough in telling the soldiers that their prodigious sacrifices in blood and treasure are meaningful and important.  why aren't we telling the people who put their lives on the line the truth? that our government has asked them to die and suffer for the sake of  corporate interests and we are very sorry, but they can all come home now and we will never waste their lives so stupidly again? skidmarks.

and the democratic congressional campaign committee wrote to me to offer me the opportunity to instantly click on a link to send michelle obama birthday greetings, because they think somehow it would be good to send "100,000 well-wishes from some of her biggest fans". they think i want to be a part of that. surely they can find 100,000 people who are bigger fans of michelle obama than me?

because i'm not particularly a fan.


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