Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 Month of MAYhem Blogging Challenge™

hey, everyone!

it's time for the runup to the Month of MAYhem Blogging Challenge™!

of course if you like that sort of thing, you can use the original Month of MAYhem Blogging Challenge™  template, but for your "enjoyment" i will be presenting you with some fresh new options:

the Month of MAYhem Alphabetic Blogging Challenge for the Symbol-Minded™, the Month of MAYhem Novel Blog Writing Meme™ (MoMa No BloW Me), and the flagship blog challenge template of the month: the Month of MAYhem Residential Neighborhood Blogging Challenge™.

of course, one "benefit" of mass blogging challenges is that you and everybody you know essentially gets down to writing the same damn boring cutout things on your blogs for an entire month, and the rest of us get to pare down our reading lists considerably.

so assuming that you will be committing to participation in this year's Month of MAYhem Blogging Challenge™, you should start making your announcements NOW. talk about it a LOT. 

these are all going to take some advance planning, so get ready NOW.

you will be receiving instructions later.

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