Thursday, April 25, 2013


i've just finished organizing the photos from the chimney construction.

the new chimney looks beautiful and the nice young men who built it were very pleasant and very much seemed to know what they were doing.

since i am not a mason nor have i ever had much experience of masons i can only base my evaluation of their work on the appearance of their work day.

they showed up, worked hard, cleaned up nicely, and were very polite and tolerant of all my picture taking and such.

only time and some good rainstorms will tell if the problem of the leaking chimney is all solved but i am encouraged by the work and expect things to be tight and dry later on when we get the first good heavy rain.

here is my slideshow of the masons and their work.

here's a short video of wes cutting one of the flues. i'm watching the work from my sofa.
and here's a short video of one of the guys going up in the lifter.

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GDad said...

The end result looks great!


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