Tuesday, April 09, 2013

last day on the mountain

my last day on the winter mountain this year was not THE last day.

saturday was beautiful and perfect and i made my farewell to it then.

i have both stills and some video, as well as my video farewell to the number one chair, but today only the stills are ready to show you.

and later on there will be a little and well, let's face it: some more glitchvid and i may even get around to showing you the video i promised you from two years ago october or something like that.

and exciting shots of my houseplants, the creepy little freakazoids.

uh, anyway.

here are some pretty pictures from last saturday on the mountain. some years by closing day there's thin cover on the trails and little snow left in the woods. this year even though it's all grass down here where i live there are still a couple of feet of snow up on the mountain, conditions that do not scream for closing.

today, for instance, it would have been very fine skiing, but most people have turned their minds to biking or whatever and it doesn't pay the mountain to keep the lifts running for the last of the spring diehard passholders.

the whole flickr set is here.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm sorry this is ending for you.
But what I remember most about my summers in Vermont was that it never was horrificly hot like here. I like that. I learned to water ski in Vermont not snow ski. From age 17 - 27 I spent every summer there as well as every thanksgiving.
We never got spring here. It went from OMG it's so cold to OMG it's over 85 already. I love spring.


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