Wednesday, April 24, 2013

how to make awesome pudding

i know that you want pudding like mine.

because my pudding is so awesome that by the time you finish your little cup of it you want to eat all the little cups of it and you will not care if you are sick.

so i am going to share with you.

put a couple of tablespoons of flour in a pot along with about six tablespoons of cocoa powder. toss in a quarter teaspoon of salt or so and about a half cup of sugar. you will probably want to use a rounded half cup.

toss a little bit of instant coffee in there to intensify the chocolate flavor, or a couple of tablespoons if you want it full on mocha. whisk all that stuff together.

then gradually whisk in three cups of milk with the pot on low heat. you are making a nice smooth paste here.when the paste is nice and smooth go ahead and add any milk that isn't in there yet.

when all the milk is added and everything is all nice and smooth, turn the heat up a little. if you let the milk warm slowly you don't have to watch it very carefully.

once it's all warm and stuff you can turn the heat up a little to about medium. at this point you're going to have to stir it.

a lot.

but not too much, because the more you stir the longer it takes to thicken. and the quicker you let it thicken, the more you have to stir it so you don't get lumpy bits.

when it's thick enough that that it won't run too far off the spoon if you lift it, take it off the heat and toss in a tablespoon of butter, a half cup of bittersweet chocolate, and either a whole bunch of vanilla or just a tablespoon. you might like to add some almond extract. i do.

then put it in little dishes. if you are me, you will not cover them because the best part about pudding is the skin and you want pudding so thick you can chew it and a pudding skin so thick and beautiful that when you answer the phone and the dish goes flying, none of the pudding spills onto the sofa, which is tan.

i know i have helped you.


Nancy said...

This. Sounds. Delicious.

flask said...

if you were here i would let you have some.

you KNOW this is only because i like you.


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