Tuesday, April 30, 2013

notes from the glitch diaspora: settlers online

for some weeks i have been playing the settlers online.

basically it's about resource management. if you like systems and production chains, you will like this game very much.

it has cute little animations of your guys working and sometimes i just zoom all the way in and watch my little guys work.

i do note, however, that while some of the player avatars are female, NONE of the little onscreen inhabitants of your world are female, although there is one NPC challenge giver that is of ambiguous gender.

you have choice of where you put your buildings on your island, but everybody's island is the same shape and has the same resources in the same places. the game is limited in its multiplayer capabilities, which suits me just fine.

mostly it's you alone on your island and while other players may "visit" your island and interact with your buildings in a limited way, you never encounter other players as other characters, but instead through guilds and chat.

starting to play the game is frustrating, because the instructions and tutorials seem to be geared toward people who already know how to play the game, which is maybe not the best target audience for a starting tutorial.

all that said, i like it pretty much and stay more or less permanently logged in.

here's a little tour of my game running.

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