Saturday, April 13, 2013

Month of MAYhem Alphabetic Blogging Challenge for the Symbol-Minded™

don't you LOVE it when suddenly dozens of blogs you read start doing an alphabetic challenge? there is just nothing more interesting to read than a series of posts that have no purpose besides being about something starting with a particular letter of the alphabet! it is super exciting to see how two dozen people will all write about the letter "D" all on the same day.

so if you are going to be doing the Month of MAYhem Alphabetic Blogging Challenge for the Symbol-Minded™ this year, i am going to ask you please, please, please to commit to it fully and only THEN read the list of letters on which you will be blogging this year.


don't mind me. i'm just going to go throw in a load of laundry while you make up your mind.

(long pause)

ok, ready to start?

since there are thirty-one days in may and not twenty-six, we will need thirty one symbols for you to slavishly dedicate your blog to for the month. and why stop at letters, really?

get out of our way. we are creating some MAYhem™ here.  the rule is that when you start writing your blog posts for the challenge, you are NOT to mention where this is going. you are to allow your reader to assume that this will be a standard twenty-six letter cookie-cutter straightjacket of literary despair.

so for your thirty-one days, here's your list:

A, B, C

(so far so good- the pattern is established)

Д , E, F, , (huh? only look at the links if you need help.)

I, ل ,  , L,  , И, ©, þ

Q, , 5, τ , U, v

 , X , ץ ,

 ,  ,  ,  ,

have a good time with that.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you crack me up!

I hate those blog btw.

And this woman who had a hate spewing blog post yesterday tried to talk about my bird post like it were human babies and on her anti-abortion rhetoric. Aargh! Good thing I don't believe in owning a gun.

flask said...

mmm, birds.

they taste like chicken.


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