Thursday, April 04, 2013


i JUST learned about the coming emergence of brood II of the 17 year cicadas.

that is so much awesome i don't even know where to start. maybe i have the luxury of thinking that's awesome because i don't live near any of the major emergence areas.

brood VII emerges in central new york where i went to college, but in 1984 when they came out i was already home for the year.

apparently brood II has some emergent areas near where i might typically camp in early may, so maybe i will get a chance to hear them if the month of april is not too warm.

and radiolab is tracking them!

citizen-science!!! i may pass OUT from the delight of it! i was thinking of buying a kit to build so i could monitor soil temperatures and report, but i don't live close enough to anyplace where the cicadas will come up to be worth the expense.

but there will be maps. and charts.


hose me down!!!!


cookie said...

The often-deafeningly loud sound of cicadas was a prominent feature of my childhood in Texas. This blog entry made me smile!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, here in Fort Worth, back in the summer of 1970 and me I between 6th and 7th grade was my first Cicada hatch. What we did was wander the woods by the creek with BB guns, and if you looked really hard up in the branches you could see one. Once spotted, the the firing begin! I'm not sure how many we actually hit. I doubt it would have made any difference to our murderous little 12year old hearts to know we wouldnt see them again for 17 years.


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