Saturday, April 20, 2013

creepy little freakazoids part one

 i think i mentioned that i have been growing mushrooms in my kitchen.

they don't count as houseplants because they are fungi and fungi are not plants, but their own thing.

they don't count as housepets, either, because i think a pet has to be some kind of animal.

they are totally weird to have growing in your house because nothing happens and then nothing happens and nothing happens and then all of a sudden -BOOM- or maybe splook or fwit - those guys are growing and moving in ways that seem very, very alien.

i take pictures of mine three or four times a day and sometimes it seems like if i turn my back on them for just a few minutes they do all kinds of growing that sort of defies explaining.

i'm still learning how to use the video editing software and it is slow going but here are some images of the creepy little freakzoids, which is what i'm calling them.

it's sort of a term of endearment.

...for a thing i'm going to eat later.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

hmm....."term of endearment"
I can't be on friendly terms with my food. :-)
I had a friend who raised pigs. OMG they were so cute! I would hold them when they were little - so I could never eat pork at her house. She and her family would laugh at me.

Anonymous said...

Endearing little aliens? (Although that kinda looked like it had eyeballs - what the hey?)

Hope all is well. I miss "seeing" you online.

- Chimeric


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