Tuesday, April 16, 2013

about those campsites...

rather than let a somewhat long-winded response to this comment get lost, i'm making this a whole post instead of telling you about the masons or the potatoes or posting the first attempts at video of the creepy little freakzoids.

cookie said:

Somehow, camping at a place called "Hope Falls," "Mud Lake," Slush Pond," or "Misery" is less appealing than "Pleasant River." I wonder if they were trying to discourage campers...? LoL. Thank you for sharing this map! :)

and i just need to be clear about how the campsites are named in my database and therefore my map.

certainly, some of the campsites have actual names (pushineer east leaps immediately to mind) but for the most part these are not so much campsites as they are places where it's legal to park your car and pitch a tent overnight if you want. usually there is some kind of fire ring because one of the things land managers REALLY want to control is the number of places where people might be building fires and actually if you aren't going to build a fire the number of spots where it's legal to camp increases somewhat, but i pretty much mark sites with full permissions just because i don't fancy the idea of being rousted in the night by a ranger.

mostly the sites have names like "designated camp site", or "site #2"

they are often referred to (when referred to at all) by a nearby road or landmark, so although there's no smith road campground, there are eight or so designated campsites along smith road. sometimes the state agency that maintains the site assigns it a number, and sometimes i assign it a number just to keep it labeled in my database.

the sites along pleasant river road aren't any nicer than slush pond road.

and although i have been very generous with my list, i am NOT telling you (unless you ask) which of the sites are really excellent; lakeside and with a real outhouse.

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