Monday, April 15, 2013

Month of MAYhem NOvel BLOg Writing MEme™

did you miss NaNoWriMo?

were you sad because all your friends were writing crappy novels even they wouldn't want to read just because it was november and you couldn't grow a moustache so you felt you had to do SOMETHING?

well, now is your second chance.

for the MoMa No BloW Me™, starting at midnight on may first begin writing your fictional work. every day write 1670 words that more or less string together to make your narrative.

don't be very fussy about character development or cohesive storytelling, because all that matters, really, is that you write those 1670 words.

every day.

because you are a writer. and writers write.

what counts is how many words you write.

here is a handy tool you can use.

i have written 132 words. now get to work.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

i'm not much of a follower.
I suck at doing what others do.
Bad bad margaret.

flask said...

you make me giggle.

bad margaret, indeed.


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