Friday, April 05, 2013

open letter to the kid in the driver ed car

dear kid in the driver education car,

i hope you weren't freaked out to have me behind you on the road all the way from richmond today. i wasn't in any hurry to pass you,  and the guy in the audi behind me also didn't seem to be in any hurry.

from the look of it, today was your first or second time ever behind the wheel, a thing i guessed because  you were very, very careful anytime there was another car present, or if the road narrowed or turned, or if there were trees or guardrails nearby.

also you were driving on average ten miles an hour below the posted speed limit if none of these hazards were present, so i figured that you maybe had not driven a car before.

here is the thing i want to tell you: you were doing just fine. you were careful and paying attention. you seemed to be aware that you were operating a machine with enormous potential to do damage.

later on you will become more skilled and you won't think twice about that sharp turn onto governor peck road but it will serve you well to look both ways just as carefully every time as you did today when turning onto brown's trace.

today while you were driving you seemed to have at the back of your mind: holy crap! i am driving a car! i could make a mistake and people could get hurt!

and you know, kid? that is a pretty good thing for you to have at the back of your mind anytime you get behind the wheel.

good job today.

and good luck out there.

love, flask.

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bulletholes said...

My daughter told me that I had told her one thing that always stuck with her about driving. She said that I had said:
"I've learned after years of watching your mother drive that there is a good bit of driving that can be done without your foot on either the gas or the brake."
Out of everything I have told her, that is what stuck.


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