Monday, April 22, 2013

bolton valley wind turbine

it is super good that neither of you reads this blog for current events; i am still digging out and processing photos and videos i have had piling up here on my desk.

one of the problems, i guess, with doing stuff is that you have less time to TELL about doing stuff.

i have some backlog, but hey, i do stuff.

6 april was a lovely day skiing on the mountain and i have gone on a bit about that, but while i was up there that day i also shot some video of the wind turbine working.

i have a general interest in machine-y things and an interest in renewable energy and wind turbines in particular and not just their practical application but also how pleasing they are to my eye and ear.

the wind turbine at the top of bolton valley ski area supplies some of the power to run the resort and it looks cool.

you can read about it on the resort's page about it here, and you can also monitor its current status here.

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