Friday, April 19, 2013

of a certain age

i have reached that certain age at which i think of perfectly competent professionals as "nice young people".

fully certified mason? "nice young man".

police officer? "lovely young woman".

doctor? "earnest young man".

i have a group of "nice young men" on my roof laying bricks and heaving huge buckets of cement around and i say stuff like "i made you boys some carrot bread and it's all cooled off and ready to be packed and if you give me a moment there's some for each of you".

i am not yet 50 years old and already i have turned into THAT old lady.

i do not expect this will improve as i age.

when i see road crews and carpenters and workers and such i think "what nice young people".

and i want to make them cookies.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are so funny flask.
I, being an old lady of 57, say things like,"those damn young kids"
instead of those fine young men...tee hee

It's funny that the older the customer the better they treat Rick. A woman who you know saved and saved for this job to be done then baked him chocolate chips cookies while he was there. He was so excited. He still talks about her. And he's old so imagine how old she was. :-)

GDad said...

May you have MANY years of baking cookies for the fine young people.


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