Tuesday, April 23, 2013

taking it seriously

one thing about a good joke is you take it seriously.

i have been thinking hard about the Month of MAYhem Residential Neighborhood Blogging challenge™  and how i might complete some of the challenge items because they're not really funny unless you do them or at least think about doing them and i was thinking about how on the first of may it will be convenient for me to visit two houses of the same street address in separate states, only because i am traveling on the first, the two houses would have to be 1 something street and there aren't a lot of 1 something streets.

and for every town, city, or hamlet on my route or near my route or my alternate route or within a half hour drive of my route there's a 1 maple street and a 1 college street and a 1 main street and a 1 water street and a couple other 1 something streets but NO MATCHING addresses. i am not kidding about this.

i have spent four honking days on this task.

i have been spending a LOT of time in google maps and in zillow.com and in trulia.com and a very handy tool called spokeo that gives a lot of information you may consider either handy or scary, but there are just no matches for me.

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